About us

FBC is the go-to source for healthcare decision-makers and one of the fastest growing platforms in the Florida Health-Care industry. We provide information and reviews to average consumers, healthcare leaders about the most critical issues in healthcare in Florida.

From inception in 1942, shortly after the start of World War II, Florida’s Blood Centers was founded on the philosophy of people helping others. Since then, we have consistently provided the communities we serve with a safe and adequate supply of blood thanks to the generosity of our volunteer blood donors.

A founding member of the American Association of Blood Banks and the Florida Association of Blood Banks, FBC has been a pioneer and leader within the industry.

Community Investment

FBC is a service-based organization and we believe in sharing our time, talent and resources with others in the community. We invest in worthy causes that will improve the health and welfare of our community. For example, we maintain partnerships with high schools in our service area, encouraging students to maintain healthy lifestyles. We provide free health insurance plans counseling for citizens of Florida.

Health-care Leadership

FBC is a leader in making Florida a destination for the bio-medical industry. We believe our state has a bright future as an incubator for innovative health-care businesses, ideas and strategies to advance the causes of science and health. We are committed to exploring these opportunities as fully as possible. Developing Florida’s potential as a bio-medical destination will nurture “a rising tide that lifts all boats.” The results are a diversified economy and an improved quality of life for all.