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Are you in need of health insurance for you or your family in Fort Lauderdale, Broward county, FL?

You are, you may be required to buy your own health insurance, especially if you are self-employed or if your employer doesn’t have their own health insurance plan.

When it comes to buying your own Florida health insurance, your goal should be quality coverage, but at an affordable price. To achieve your goal, talk to our health plan counselors today and avail your health insurance quotes.


Requesting a heath insurance quote enables you to get an idea as to how much you would have to pay for insurance coverage. You are given an estimated cost of insurance by answering a few simple questions about yourself and your current health, as well as any previous health conditions.

Regardless of how many insurance review portals and websites you come across, chosing the best health insurance plan for you in terms of price, network and coverage is always challenging.

Enrolling in any health insurance plan can be confusing and difficult, and seemingly small differences between plans can lead to significant out-of-pocket costs or lack of access to critical medicines and even providers.

One of the best option is to take advice from an insurance or broker or consultancy that combines cutting edge technology like artificial intelligence (AI) with good old fashioned friendly expertise to compare hundreds of plans and find the right one for you.

Although visiting the online websites of multiple Florida health insurance companies and requesting a free Florida health insurance quote from each is a great way to get quotes, there is an easier way.

That way involves just getting on phone and try to connect insurance seekers, like you, with quality and affordable health insurance.  You don’t have to fill out multiple Florida health insurance quote forms. We only require you to hand out your details like Name, Zip code, annual income etc. and then we consult you on best options available for you from among the best reputable Florida health insurance companies. Not only will this eliminate most of the work that you have to do, but it is also quick and easy.

Compare Health Plans in Ft. Lauderdale

We at FBC HealthPlans Agents offer more than 100 health insurance plans in Fort Lauderdale, which is part of Broward County, Florida. Health insurance carriers that offer individual and family health insurance plans in Fort Lauderdale include Ambetter from Sunshine Health, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and United Health One.

Talk to one of our qualified agents today at 877-325-0584

Florida offers many options for those looking for individual, family, group or small business health insurance and thereby need proper advise from experienced consultants. Besides there are choices like Florida Medicaid, Kidcare, Cover Florida, and the Discount Drug Program.

Top Rated Health Plans in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida For Individuals

Assuming the median age of applicant as 36 and annual income of $60,000.

Every individual is different. Please contact us at 877-325-0584 for more precise quotes as well as advice on any of the following plans and their comprehensive benefits and carriers.

PLANCompanyPremiumDeductibleMaximum annual spendOut of pocket maximumCoinsurance
Ambetter Essential Care 1 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$317 /mo$7,900 /yr$11,703$11,703Not applicable
myBlue Bronze 1602Florida Blue$331 /mo$7,900 /yr$11,872$7,900Not applicable
Molina Marketplace BronzeMolina Healthcare of Florida, Inc$356 /mo$6,400 /yr$12,176$7,900Not applicable
myBlue Bronze 1711SFlorida Blue$357 /mo
$6,650 /yr$12,182$7,90Not applicable
myBlue Bronze 1601Florida Blue$364 /mo$6,700 /yr$12,265$7,900Not applicable

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BlueSelect Bronze 1452Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$397 /mo$7,900 /yr$12,667$7,900Not applicable
BlueSelect Bronze (HSA) 1735Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$418 /mo$6,000 /yr$11,020$6,000Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 11 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$419 /mo$6,000 /yr$12,933$7,900Not applicable
BlueSelect Bronze 1737SBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$420 /mo$6,650 /yr$12,943$7,900Not applicable

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BlueSelect Bronze 1449Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$426 /mo$6,200 /yr$13,015$7,900Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 5 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$426 /mo$7,350 /yr$12,468$7,350Not applicable
myBlue Silver 1604Florida Blue$427 /mo$7,300 /yr$13,022$7,900Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 4 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$442 /mo$7,050 /yr$12,354$7,050Not applicable
Ambetter Secure Care 3 (2019) with 3 Free PCP VisitsCeltic Insurance Company$454 /mo$1,000 /yr$11,802$6,350Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 2 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$455 /mo$6,500 /yr$11,963$6,500Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 2 (2019) + VisionCeltic Insurance Company$459 /mo$6,500 /yr$12,012$6,500Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 1 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$460 /mo$5,500 /yr$12,021$6,500Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 1 (2019) + VisionCeltic Insurance Company$464 /mo$5,500 /yr$12,071$6,500Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 2 (2019) + Vision + Adult DentalCeltic Insurance Company$469 /mo$6,500 /yr$12,130$6,500Not applicable
myBlue Gold 1605Florida Blue$473 /mo$940 /yr$10,375$4,700Not applicable
myBlue Silver 1603Florida Blue$473 /mo$5,950 /yr$12,831$7,150Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 1 (2019) + Vision + Adult DentalCeltic Insurance Company$474 /mo$5,500 /yr$12,190$6,500Not applicable
myBlue Silver 1712SFlorida Blue$486 /mo$3,500 /yr$13,730$7,900Not applicable
myBlue Silver 1710Florida Blue$490 /mo$6,200 /yr$13,330$7,450Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 3 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$491 /mo$3,000 /y$12,648$6,750Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 3 (2019) + VisionCeltic Insurance Company$496 /mo$3,000 /yr$12,701$6,750Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 3 (2019) + Vision + Adult DentalCeltic Insurance Company$506 /mo$3,000 /yr$12,828$6,750Not applicable
BlueSelect Silver 1443Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$509 /mo$6,000 /yr$14,009$7,900Not applicable
Molina Marketplace SilverMolina Healthcare of Florida, Inc$530 /mo$5,350 /yr$14,265$7,900Not applicable
BlueSelect Silver 1456Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$548 /mo$5,950 /yr$13,730$7,150Not applicable
BlueOptions Bronze 1419Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$558 /mo$7,900 /yr$14,599$7,900Not applicable
BlueSelect Silver 1736SBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$559 /mo$3,500 /yr$14,610$7,900Not applicable
BlueSelect Gold 1835Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$560 /mo$2,000 /yr$12,224$5,500Not applicable
BlueSelect Silver 1464Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$574 /mo$5,650 /yr$13,885$7,000Not applicable
Molina Marketplace GoldMolina Healthcare of Florida, Inc$588 /mo$2,925 /yr$12,062$5,000Not applicable
BlueOptions Bronze (HSA) 1705Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$589 /mo$6,000 /yr$13,065$6,000Not applicable
BlueOptions Bronze 1707SBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$591 /mo$6,650 /yr$14,990$7,900Not applicable
BlueSelect Gold 1535Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$594 /mo$0 /yr$12,131$5,000Not applicable
BlueOptions Bronze 1416Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$600 /mo$6,200 /yr$15,100$7,900Not applicabl
BlueSelect Platinum 1451Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$685 /mo$1,000 /yr$11,718$3,500Not applicable
BlueSelect Platinum 1457Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$726 /mo$0 /yr$10,714$2,000Not applicable
BlueOptions Silver 1410Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$816 /mo$6,000 /yr$17,686$7,900Not applicable
BlueOptions Gold 1805Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$848 /mo$2,000 /yr$15,672$5,500Not applicable
BlueOptions Silver 1423Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$882 /mo$5,950 /yr$17,728$7,150Not applicable
BlueOptions Gold 1505Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$886 /mo$0 /yr$15,630$5,000Not applicable
BlueOptions Silver 1706SBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$897 /mo$3,500 /yr$18,665$7,900Not applicable
BlueOptions Silver 1431Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$908 /mo$5,650 /yr$17,901$7,000Not applicable
BlueOptions Platinum 1418Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$1,091 /mo$1,000 /yr$16,587$3,500Not applicable
BlueOptions Platinum 1424Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$1,146 /mo$0 /yr$15,758$2,000Not applicable

Finding Affordable FL Individual & Family Medical Insurance

In the event that both you and your spouse or domestic partner are searching for a new health insurance plan, we suggest that you look up health insurance quotes both together and on an individual basis to find the best health care plan that is most affordable for you.

With regards to the health insurance company, Florida individual and family health insurance premiums for couples can be determined by the age of the youngest person on the policy.

So, in some cases where there is age difference of several years in couples might discover they cut costs by applying for the same plan rather than individually. Couples that are just a few years apart could possibly lessen their total costs by applying for separate health insurance plans. If you choose to apply for a health insurance plan as a couple, you should definitely choose one that covers the health advantages that both of you need.

Get the Best Coverage possible

One of the many reasons why seekers are urged to request Florida health insurance quotes is because they are easy to get, not to mention free. With the internet, you could request multiple health insurance quotes in no time at all. In fact, you are urged to request more than one Florida health insurance quote. Multiple Florida health insurance quotes makes it easier for you to find adequate insurance coverage, but at the cheapest price.

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