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There is no doubt that a good medical insurance plan can be quite expensive. This may be true if your employer provides a medical plan but expects you to contribute to the cost. It may be especially true if your employer does not provide a medical plan so you have to pay for the whole thing on your own.

It is important to shop around so you can find the most affordable option that provides you with a good value. But be careful if you come across a medical plan that seems too cheap to be true!

Relax and let us find you a plan that works for you and your particular situation.

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Compare Health Plans in Miami

We at FBC HealthPlans Agents offer more than 90 health insurance plans in Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida. Health insurance carriers that offer individual and family health insurance plans in Miami include Ambetter from Sunshine Health, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and United Health One etc..

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Florida offers many options for those looking for individual, family, group or small business health insurance and thereby need proper advise from experienced consultants. Besides there are choices like Florida Medicaid, Kidcare, Cover Florida, and the Discount Drug Program.

Top Rated Health Plans in Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida For Individuals

Assuming the median age of applicant as 36 and annual income of $60,000.

Every individual is different. Please contact us at 877-370-0691 for more precise quotes as well as advice on any of the following plans and their comprehensive benefits and carriers.

PLANCompanyPremiumDeductibleMaximum annual spendOut of pocket maximumCoinsurance
Ambetter Essential Care 1 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$317 /mo$7,900 /yr$11,703$11,703Not applicable
myBlue Bronze 1602Florida Blue$331 /mo$7,900 /yr$11,872$7,900Not applicable
Molina Marketplace BronzeMolina Healthcare of Florida, Inc$356 /mo$6,400 /yr$12,176$7,900Not applicable
myBlue Bronze 1711SFlorida Blue$357 /mo
$6,650 /yr$12,182$7,90Not applicable
myBlue Bronze 1601Florida Blue$364 /mo$6,700 /yr$12,265$7,900Not applicable

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BlueSelect Bronze 1452Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$397 /mo$7,900 /yr$12,667$7,900Not applicable
BlueSelect Bronze (HSA) 1735Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$418 /mo$6,000 /yr$11,020$6,000Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 11 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$419 /mo$6,000 /yr$12,933$7,900Not applicable
BlueSelect Bronze 1737SBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$420 /mo$6,650 /yr$12,943$7,900Not applicable

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BlueSelect Bronze 1449Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$426 /mo$6,200 /yr$13,015$7,900Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 5 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$426 /mo$7,350 /yr$12,468$7,350Not applicable
myBlue Silver 1604Florida Blue$427 /mo$7,300 /yr$13,022$7,900Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 4 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$442 /mo$7,050 /yr$12,354$7,050Not applicable
Ambetter Secure Care 3 (2019) with 3 Free PCP VisitsCeltic Insurance Company$454 /mo$1,000 /yr$11,802$6,350Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 2 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$455 /mo$6,500 /yr$11,963$6,500Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 2 (2019) + VisionCeltic Insurance Company$459 /mo$6,500 /yr$12,012$6,500Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 1 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$460 /mo$5,500 /yr$12,021$6,500Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 1 (2019) + VisionCeltic Insurance Company$464 /mo$5,500 /yr$12,071$6,500Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 2 (2019) + Vision + Adult DentalCeltic Insurance Company$469 /mo$6,500 /yr$12,130$6,500Not applicable
myBlue Gold 1605Florida Blue$473 /mo$940 /yr$10,375$4,700Not applicable
myBlue Silver 1603Florida Blue$473 /mo$5,950 /yr$12,831$7,150Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 1 (2019) + Vision + Adult DentalCeltic Insurance Company$474 /mo$5,500 /yr$12,190$6,500Not applicable
myBlue Silver 1712SFlorida Blue$486 /mo$3,500 /yr$13,730$7,900Not applicable
myBlue Silver 1710Florida Blue$490 /mo$6,200 /yr$13,330$7,450Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 3 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$491 /mo$3,000 /y$12,648$6,750Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 3 (2019) + VisionCeltic Insurance Company$496 /mo$3,000 /yr$12,701$6,750Not applicable
Ambetter Balanced Care 3 (2019) + Vision + Adult DentalCeltic Insurance Company$506 /mo$3,000 /yr$12,828$6,750Not applicable
BlueSelect Silver 1443Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$509 /mo$6,000 /yr$14,009$7,900Not applicable
Molina Marketplace SilverMolina Healthcare of Florida, Inc$530 /mo$5,350 /yr$14,265$7,900Not applicable
BlueSelect Silver 1456Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$548 /mo$5,950 /yr$13,730$7,150Not applicable
BlueOptions Bronze 1419Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$558 /mo$7,900 /yr$14,599$7,900Not applicable
BlueSelect Silver 1736SBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$559 /mo$3,500 /yr$14,610$7,900Not applicable
BlueSelect Gold 1835Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$560 /mo$2,000 /yr$12,224$5,500Not applicable
BlueSelect Silver 1464Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$574 /mo$5,650 /yr$13,885$7,000Not applicable
Molina Marketplace GoldMolina Healthcare of Florida, Inc$588 /mo$2,925 /yr$12,062$5,000Not applicable
BlueOptions Bronze (HSA) 1705Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$589 /mo$6,000 /yr$13,065$6,000Not applicable
BlueOptions Bronze 1707SBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$591 /mo$6,650 /yr$14,990$7,900Not applicable
BlueSelect Gold 1535Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$594 /mo$0 /yr$12,131$5,000Not applicable
BlueOptions Bronze 1416Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$600 /mo$6,200 /yr$15,100$7,900Not applicabl
BlueSelect Platinum 1451Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$685 /mo$1,000 /yr$11,718$3,500Not applicable
BlueSelect Platinum 1457Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$726 /mo$0 /yr$10,714$2,000Not applicable
BlueOptions Silver 1410Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$816 /mo$6,000 /yr$17,686$7,900Not applicable
BlueOptions Gold 1805Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$848 /mo$2,000 /yr$15,672$5,500Not applicable
BlueOptions Silver 1423Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$882 /mo$5,950 /yr$17,728$7,150Not applicable
BlueOptions Gold 1505Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$886 /mo$0 /yr$15,630$5,000Not applicable
BlueOptions Silver 1706SBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$897 /mo$3,500 /yr$18,665$7,900Not applicable
BlueOptions Silver 1431Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$908 /mo$5,650 /yr$17,901$7,000Not applicable
BlueOptions Platinum 1418Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$1,091 /mo$1,000 /yr$16,587$3,500Not applicable
BlueOptions Platinum 1424Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$1,146 /mo$0 /yr$15,758$2,000Not applicable

Limited Benefit Plans in Miami, Miami-Dade County, Fl

There are a variety of medical plans that provide limited benefits. These plans may be less expensive. They may also accept people that other plans would decline. Just be sure you understand what you are buying into if you decide to take a limited benefit plan.

Here is one example to help you understand the issue. One popular plan limits out-patient payments while providing major medical coverage for hospital stays. Just be aware that outpatient costs can be very high. If you should happen to need medical care that is not provided during a hospital stay, and your charges exceed the maximum, you could find yourself responsible for a lot of bills!

Catastrophic, Accident & critical illness insurance

Accidental injuries and severe critical illness can manifest when you least expect them. Those unexpected expenses can pressure any household budget. Accident insurance and critical illness insurance may help by paying cash benefits for covered injuries or illnesses.

Some of these plans in Miami-Dade county are guaranteed issue, signifying that your application won’t be turned down for preexisting conditions.

Is It Even Really Health Insurance?

Some plans provide a lot of polished advertising materials for health plans that seem inexpensive and inclusive. They may even offer to provide this plan for your whole family for a very low rate. Just be aware that some of these are actually discount plans, and they are not even major medical plans at all. We caution consumers about this because there are some of these advertisements, and it’s hard for average person to be sure what the plans really provided!

In case you actually called the customer service phone number to talk to a representative, and if have a hard time getting them to give me a straight answer, just ensure this would be a big red flag. If you aren’t sure what you are buying, do not risk your family’s health!

Can You Find Affordable Plans?

If you’re trying to find your best health insurance plan in Miami-Dade county, you will find many cost-effective options on the Florida health insurance marketplace. In 2020, the average cost of health insurance in Florida is $554 per month for a 40-year-old. Averaging over-all age groups, average cost of health insurance comes to about $203 per person for a major medical individual health insurance plan. Prices will vary and premiums can be reduced if you are in good health.

However, enrolling in a health insurance plan in Florida is confusing and difficult, and seemingly small differences between plans can lead to significant out-of-pocket costs or lack of access to critical medicines and even providers.

Enter AI (artificial intelligence) PLUS experts’ advise! Call FBC HealthPlans Agents at 877-370-0691 to get free-advice in helping you chose best health/medical insurance for you, at best rate.

There are a couple of keys to finding an affordable medical plan. Get a basic understanding of how different policies will cover your health needs. Shop and compare to make sure you find a plan that meets your needs. Then be realistic about the type of coverage you need and can afford.

With obesity and overall unhealthy lifestyles on the rise, it is important to have a health insurance policy that you can trust. And, if you live in Miami, Florida, there are many options available to you and your family.

Florida medical insurance will encourage you and your family to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself.

In 2008 a new option came available to Floridians regarding insurance for the uninsured, Cover Florida Health Care program.

If you were unemployed or had been uninsured for at least six months this Florida health insurance program might have been right for you then. When this program started, six insurance companies such as United HealthCare and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida joined together to band forces and provide affordable health insurance for families and individuals who needed it the most.

Cover Florida was an avenue that gave permission to be the uninsured new alternatives to get treatment for preventative services, office visits, surgeries, prescription drugs and more. With all the loss of these limited-benefit plans, you and your family have become more limited in your Florida health insurance choices.

ACA compliant health plans

With ACA compliant health plans, you do not worry about being denied because of a pre-existing condition. So if you need diabetic supplies, in office surgery, urgent care, preventative services, checkups, screenings, prescription medications, and even medical equipment you can get it. These benefits will definitely help you and your family to become insured and healthy again.

Since trying to ignore that people who can’t afford to see a doctor for low-cost preventive care end up in the emergency room for the most expensive form of health care hasn’t worked for decades, physicians just might have a point. In a report by the Department of Health and Human Resources, uncompensated health care in the U.S. is up to approximately $73 billion, which has resulted in an annual $1,000 increase in insurance premiums.

Experts also suggest that the BidenCare mandate can enhance the uncompensated care level and help pass the costs to those buying FL health coverage.

The continuous changing landscape of health insurance & coverage in Florida

Cigna has collaborated with Integrated Independent Physicians Network in Florida for an accountable care organization model that provides incentives to doctors for achieving better healthier population and thereby lowering costs.

Cigna said it compensates the IP Network for the health care coordination services. There is also a “pay for value” structure if it meets goals and objectives for improving quality and lowering medical costs.

Cigna’s ACO with the IP Network in Florida is among 16 in that state and 150 Cigna Collaborative Care arrangements with large physician groups in 29 states.

Such connection between doctors and payers are helpful in lowering health-care costs through working together on closing gaps in medical treatments, such as skipped health screenings and prescription refills, instructing people on the subject of immediate care available in the market beyond the use of the emergency room, strengthening preventive health visits, and enhancing follow-up care for patients.

The system is composed of registered nurse clinical care coordinators (from IP side) working in close coordination with a team of Cigna case managers. The physician-led group jointly works with individuals who have long-term conditions and other health issues and help them with getting subsequent care or tests, determining probable complications thereby protecting against chronic conditions from worsening.

Such community driven health plans and systems by insurance carriers like Cigna also provide health education and help refer people to clinical support programs available through their employer’s health plan.

Transitioning to a value-based reimbursement model rewards doctors for results and focuses on prevention, wellness, health improvement and care coordination.

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